Welcome to Ultimate Hybrid Freeroam!

Ultimate Hybrid Freeroam (UHF) is a San Andreas Multiplayer server that is aimed at bringing all kinds of people who love GTA: San Andreas. The gameplay spans the entire San Andreas. Register with your preferred nickname, pick your skin, and get into it! You'll spawn in the middle of a stunt filled zone and a wide range of cars you can choose from.


The server boasts of a house system with a number of available houses with a variety of interiors. You can purchase houses with the money you earn from deathmatch, stunts, and moneybags. Moneybags spawn randomly over the map and the first person to get to it earns a huge sum of cash! Furthermore, There are dragon eggs inside the game that you can find to earn different rewards such as scores, money, special weapons. There are different ranks based on number of killers. The more kills you get, the higher rank you have.

You can teleport around the State of San Andreas to reach the popular zones of the server. These zones could be the stunt parks, parkour maps or other areas of different cities. You can also use our deathmatch system to go to different deathmatch arenas where you can fight other players with specific weapon(s) and maps. This could be in the RC Battle Ground or you could be on a ship with only a minigun to kill other players! You also have an option to use god mode. Its for people who want to have fun peacefully. You'll have infinite health without any weapons so no players will be able to disturb you. You can also remove the god mode whenever you want and you'll be given weapons to jump back into the action. The server gets monthly updates with new features that can keep you entertained. Just click on that Play button at top and get started!